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To lead in the provision for, coordination and production of innovative.


Towards a culturally rich, diverse, creative and caring society for all.


To fulfil its commitment in serving the cultural and creative industry.


Welcome to Endumbeni Cultural & Creative Arts Centre

About us

Endumbeni Cultural & Creative Arts Centre is among hundreds of arts organisations formed out of the need for people to express themselves through art forms, shared identities and the cultural inheritance from their ancestors in the new South Africa.

Endumbeni was established in 2010 with a membership mostly comprised of young people, responding to challenges of drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, unemployment and mostly to the lack of formal recreation centres within the black community. Dance, music, drama and poetry were the vehicles from which the youth intended to express their fears, hopes and aspirations, as they try to find an honest way to live.

Our aim is to provide an enabling environment for the provision of equitable, integrated, quality and innovative sustainable social development services through community arts and culture programmes aimed at identifying, informing, empowering and supporting the community through networking with various stakeholders.

Long Term Objectives

Objective 1

To ensure significant 50% growth of the arts and culture products and services vis-à-vis tourism economic activity in Mpumalanga Province in the next 10 to 15 years with local arts and cultural activities playing a 75% leading role in production of services and products, telling their own story to the world.

Objective 2

To ensure 90% of the 810 000 grade 12 graduates from 2015-2030 in Mpumalanga are fully aware and appreciate arts and culture products and services , their various functions in the wider disciplinary range, cultural diversity, professional and social functional forms to increase the number of would be artists, audiences, services and products users to improve all forms of practices to thrive and become socio-economic generators thus improve livelihoods for the local people and the professionals involved and impact on other social and economic activities within the province.

Objective 3

Improve the cultural images of the locals to increase the impact of local traditions in cultural tourism while allowing an inter and cross cultural fertilization of arts and cultural forms to allow room for collaboration, improvisation, innovation and a high level of exchange whilst preserving the traditional cultures for the benefit of posterity

Objective 4

Increase the presence of arts and culture in social development and encourage the proliferation of professional arts and cultural institutions for all to develop and sustain over a1000 careers and 300 000 regular patrons/audiences in the performing and community arts and culture sector in Mpumalanga Province.

Strategic Plans

Establish networking functions with the arts, culture and tourism fraternity in Mpumalanga Province to create synergies in promoting and presenting arts and culture products and services in their various forms and sizes. Set up an information, advice and marketing desk for arts and culture to regulate what comes in and out of the region. Providing adequate production houses to build the physical, mental capacity for local artists and cultural groups ensuring quality training, product and service development making provision for state of the arts training and rehearsal spaces. Providing adequate playhouses/cultural houses to increase opportunity for presenting and touring of arts and culture productions and services in the region and provide a gateway to national, regional and international exchanges thus encourage career development and standards.

Partner with the department of Education and the Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation in the provision for: National arts and culture Curriculum for Schools Grade R-9 and Arts in schools programme. Establish a training and development programs for arts and culture teachers to carefully study arts in education, training and development across the region. To establish the arts animator role in arts and culture education, training and development in schools to increase the number of professionals developing careers in schools. Establishment of interschool’s arts and culture competition to provincial levels and encourage winners and runner ups to enter into other National Arts Programmes.

Partner with local companies producing traditional products and international stakeholders to support cultural festivals. Identify and support local cultural festivals and initiation events in their traditional context. Establish blended festival featuring multi-cultural. Establish a cultural exchange and arts development programme involving renowned producers, performing arts masters to collaborate with local artists.

Partner with department of Social development in providing arts and cultural animation services to raise awareness and promote social development services and ideals for: orphans and vulnerable children, women in difficult circumstances, youth people with disabilities, the elderly, crime prevention and support, social relief, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Network with various stakeholders in producing arts and culture based output for social development programmes. Enabling environment for the establishment arts associations and accessibility projects to allow many people to join in arts and culture programmes.