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    Considering that its physical appearance around the food list of cafes and restaurants, sushi has persistently been probably the most well-known meals bought with shipping and delivery. This is not strange at all. A sizable sushi set is a great selection for lunch in the workplace, a celebration with friends, or even a passionate supper with someone you care about. As well as to keep the recipe to, fresh and fragrant make sure its wonderful business presentation, plastic packaging for sushi will assist.

    There are different types of this sort of boxes: they vary insize and purpose, condition. Packaging is commonly used for shipping and delivery:

    sushi units;

    cold and warm moves;


    ginger, wasabi and other spices.

    restaurant and Cafe users pick this kind of packaging for a number of factors. Let’s find what the trick of her reputation is.

    How come plastic sushi packaging optimal?

    The current industry offers various kinds of packaging for sushi: other, cardboard and foil supplies. Unlike other varieties, plastic sushi packaging is:

    Minimum bodyweight. Such containers weigh up significantly less than, for instance, cardboard cases. The courier of your own business will surely like it.

    Complete protection. Packaging is made of a unique type of food grade plastic that is enabled in the meals industry. It does not interact with foods, will not alter preference or fragrance

    Presentable visual appeal. In such a package, sushi can even be provided on the festive desk. It looks fairly nice. Along with your clients won’t have to clean a lot of dishes following a festive celebration.

    Numerous shapes and sizes. In order to accurately and efficiently deliver items from your menu, you can buy plastic boxes of any type.

    Power. Plastic boxes are usually resistant and reliable to mechanized harm. Your courier doesn’t need to worry about unintentionally harmful them during transit.

    Low cost. Plastic packaging for sushi is totally economical. Particularly if purchase this kind of containers in big amounts and directly from Ukrainian suppliers.

    Also, definitely all plastic packaging, without exclusion, might be reprocessed. Consequently, the reduced environmental friendliness of these boxes is nothing more than merely a misconception that may be ignored nowadays.

    And another much more advantage that ought to be noted may be the mandatory certification of such packages. They fulfill sanitary and hygienic criteria and the best demands. Faulty and broken merchandise just do not check out the sale: you can be sure with that.

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